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We're a small fledgling company run by some guys who love music.  We record live performances of original music at the Lyric Room @ Kegger’s in Green Bay, WI, and format them into podcasts and live albums. It’s all part of an original music series called Lyric Room Live, for which we have some reasonably large hopes mixed with some reasonably large plans.Partly because we love music and want to highlight some of the fantastic acts in this area. We do it partly because we think there’s a market for it. And partly because otherwise our lives would be boring and pathetic, even more so than they are already.  Ask, ask, ask. and are sitting there right now, just waiting for you to ask.


Daphni is dedicated to writing quality, catchy and expressive original music. They take pride in their energetic performances and are constantly looking for ways to engage and impress their crowds. Each member brings to the group their own diverse musical influence, which helps create their overall unique and distinctive sound that many have labeled as “a breath of fresh air.”

The band consists of female lead vocalist and keyboard player Miranda Freimuth, Benjamin Sechler on guitar and backup vocals, Mike Casey on bass and vocals, and Chris Dinse on drums/percussion.

Based in Green Bay Wisconsin, Daphni was created in 2010 with a passion to create something new in an area plastered with cover bands. Daphni is far from just another female-fronted pop-punk band, and is working hard to prove it. Getting radio time and landing gigs such as Summerfest and Green Bay Packer games, Daphni is always looking to gain more experience, exposure, and fans.


It’s Harvey Brown from another part of town
and they’re all around where tha brothas break it down
So if you didn’t know now you know where it is
On the eastside chillin’ under the bridge
With a couple of kids that they met the other day
They were drinkin’ cheap vodka mixed with O.J.
Smells like teen spirit but the nose is weak
Get their fresh fly gear from that Paul’s Boutique.


Muddy Udders is a slipp’ry little band from Green Bay, WI. Matty, Augie and Roelke flipped the switch in 2006 and the mud’s been dripping since. They technically haven’t underachieved; they didn’t set out to do much more than make albums (they've made 3), tour (they've done 4), and party (they've overachieved). MU has played hundreds of shows, most of them 4 hours, and fancies itself one heck of a bar band, but they love cherry-picking songs for half-hour sprints as well. This flexibility has led to headlining festivals like the Symco Shakedown and Steelbridge Songfest, and opening for acts such as ? and the Mysterians and Bob Log III. They've played in basements, backyards, bowling alleys, even an AA party!

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